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Developing our kids into well-rounded cricketers while attempting to instill in them lifelong values of confidence building, sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership. Our philosophy is based on positive reinforcement, rewarding players when they perform well and focusing on their continued development when they feel challenged.

Our process comprises of drills, net practices, friendly matches and a grand finale match & awards ceremony to conclude the session recognizing every player for their effort and awarding the top performer.

The sessions use the regulation ball and all other pertinent protective equipment.

Certain game regulations are modified for the benefit of our kids.

We consider this as a total effort by the entire community of cricket fans including players, their parents, volunteers and the coaching team. 

In order to ensure we continue to deliver a productive, pleasant and fun experience, we have established some club rules we ask everyone to get abide by. Some of the most significant of those rules are listed below:

Age Range - 5 to 13 years of age

Duration & Format: 8 to 10 sessions of up to 2 hours each with technical skills drills, net practices, competitive matches and a grand finale match choreographed to music (much as seen in IPL) followed by an awards and recognition ceremony at the end.

Cost: $120/child

Venues:  In Naperville/Plainfield/Aurora, but always INDOORS

To Register: Contact Puneet at or 630-362-2673


Naperville Baseball Academy: cage rentals for net practice:  


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